It always starts with “I can do one drink” to “what happened last night?”. It is so easy for someone to say that they can control their drinking habits telling everyone that they don’t always drink that much but when they already do, they forget everything. When you decide to stop drinking alcohol, we know it is not that easy to just get off with it especially if you have already become so addicted.

Alcohol Means Party

People think that parties are boring without alcoholic drinks or that occasion get so tedious quickly because there is no alcohol. Alcohol makes boost’s people’s confidence, or that it makes you speak up and you always feel heavenly when you are under it. You feel the euphoria in your body and it’s hard to just stop like that, more likely when all of your friends drink too.

OH- that bliss you always feel when you are under the influence, it’s like you all have the power- the power you do not know you actually cannot control.

A Drug That Kills

You better   stop drinking alcohol, before it can lead to serious addiction. Liquor kills your body, not just parts of it but the whole body. Alcoholism is a serious issue, it is a poison you happily drink and when you realize or wanted to stop- it is too late, it is already killing you. Withdrawal is hard, it is a process- it takes time and effort because your body still asks for it- it wants more poison.

You will feel trembling hands, headache, nausea, palpitations and other more you wish you were not feeling at the moment. Stop now so you won’t end up in any AA meetings, not that AA meetings are awful but if you stop now- you don’t need any sponsor because control is what you have.

Stop Drinking Alcohol Now, Avoid Addiction
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